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News | The Classica Festival announces a program of three operas

Mark Boucher, Ayrat Chmuratov, decorator for the Ludorable Opera at Ballroom Claude Champagne. (Images: courtesy)

The Classica Festival, which will take place this year from May 25 to June 17, has announced its program under the motto “From Fauriet to Felix”, with 21 events, including three operas presented by the new opera department of the Classica, the new Metropolitan. Opera (name).

Concerts for this thirteenth edition of Classica Festival It will take place in six cities: Longueuil, Saint-Lambert, Boucherville, Saint-Bruno, Brossard and, for the first time in Montreal, in the Salle-Claude-Champagne of the University of Montreal.

These three operas he produced New Metropolitan Opera Unpublished works: The man who laughsfrom innovationAyrat Ashmuratovbased on the novel by Victor Hugo and texts written by him Bertrand Laverdire; Miguelaby Theodore Dubois, world premiere; And Adorable Bulbulrediscovering Jules Massenet.

These three products will be presented at the Salle Claude-Champagne, through which A festive classic Develop a new partnership. Everything will be presented in the party editions with digital and immersive arts thanks to the collaboration with Lumifest, the digital arts of The man who laughs And miguela, And with staging to Adorable Bulbul.

Illustration: Maxime Bigras

The products will be largely distributed in Quebec, in particular Miriam LeBlanc in the title role MiguelaAnd Hugo LaporteAnd Jean Francois LapointeAnd Antonio FigueroaAnd many other things.

” with The man who laughsWe’re really in for a great new French opera, very moving, with real love stories, real drama, he says. Mark Boucher. It is a return to deep feelings. I dare you not to shed a tear. »

The man who laughsMay 31, 7:30 p.m., Salle Claude-Champagne Details and tickets

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Adorable BulbulJune 6, 7:30 p.m., Salle Claude-Champagne Details and tickets

MiguelaJune 14, 7:30 p.m., Salle Claude-Champagne Details and tickets

Opening Ceremony: Lux Aeterna

To launch the festival concert Lux aterna – which is also an annual benefit concert for Clasica, which will be performed by 40 professional singers fromChoral Art BandUnder supervision Mathias Mottthe May 25 at the Salle Claude-Champagne.

“We will listen to the most beautiful pages of the choral repertoire, mainly from the twentieth century, immersing ourselves in digital art,” he says. Mark Boucher. We will have in particular the works and creations of Johan Johansen and Max Richter Gap Nico Burger And the’Ayrat Ashmuratov. It will be so amazing. In particular, we will have images from the James Webb satellite. Theme Lux aterna He blends science, spirituality, and grandiose musical notes in this beautiful room with human dimensions. »


Highlights in 2023

In the year 2023, the Classica Festival settles in the city of Longueuil, with the financial support of the municipality to present the large symphonic concert of the “Classica Rock” section, with The dark side of the moon In a symphonic version with choir, to celebrate the 50th anniversary of this legendary Pink Floyd album.

“It’s a show we’ve done many times before, and it’s very powerful,” he says. Mark Boucher.

Parties and concerts

with From Fore to Felixnote that the theme of this edition of A festive classic French. The programming is therefore dominated by Molière’s language and French composers, with titles such as Take Me Away, In the Shadow of the Revolution, Claude Debussy: Forgotten Images; Shadow and Light, Violins of Women in France, Women of Versailles, Paris: At the Crossroads of Two Centuries, Commemorating Couperin, Ravel: Inspiration, And Debussy, Faure, Durofle: Immortal Lights.

In addition, this year, harpist Valerie Milot and a cellist Stefan Tetro A multimedia presentation will be presented transfiguration on 13 June at Longueuil, to highlight the development of an important partnership with the Théâtre de la Ville.

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Among the parties to be mentioned, let us also mention Kamel’s submission Suites for Flute and Jazz Trio with Piano by Claude Pauling, on May 26 and 28, in the Church of Sainte-Famille in Boucherville, with flutist Nadia Labrie.

Quebec fantasies

Worthy Quebec fantasiesThe closing concert of the Classica will allow us to hear the excellent soprano Suzanne Tavotwho will share the stage with the content Mark Herviewaccompany himTrois-Rivières Symphony OrchestraUnder supervisionAlan Trudell. IJune 17, at the Co-Cathedral of Saint-Antoine-de-Padoue.

View all festival programme

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