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Christmas Excess: “Get rid of that guilt!”  Appeals to a nutritionist

Christmas Excess: “Get rid of that guilt!” Appeals to a nutritionist

Although the holiday season is a time when we indulge more during dinners and various occasions, we should not start counting our calories, according to a nutritionist.

Myriam Boudry, a nutritionist and doctoral candidate in nutrition, confirmed in an interview with LCN: “It is normal for our eating habits to deviate from our natural habits.”

The holiday season, the “time of celebrations,” represents only 2% of the year if only the first half of the holiday is included.

“Our eating habits and health will not be shaped between December 25 and January 1 […] “The item that should not be on your plate is guilt,” Myriam Beaudry said.

France Press agency

She recommended avoiding skipping dinner to eat more at dinner.

“Go get some fresh air, go for a walk, but don't go for a walk to burn calories! […] Please take this guilt away! Mrs. Boudry stated.

The rule also applies to your behavior toward your loved ones during holiday dinners.

“A great gift you can give your loved ones is not to comment on what they will consume during meals, nor to comment on whether you have noticed weight fluctuations,” she continues.

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