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In pictures |  They sell everything they own to spend the rest of their lives on cruise ships

In pictures | They sell everything they own to spend the rest of their lives on cruise ships

A Florida couple decided three years ago to liquidate almost all of their assets, including their home and business, and now want to spend the rest of their lives cruising, according to reports. Sky News.

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In 2020, John and Melody Hennessy sold almost everything they owned and then purchased a trailer to travel across the United States.

One day, John got tired of driving; Then he and his wife saw a Facebook ad for a 274-day cruise with Royal Caribbean. At this stage, they decided to adopt life in the sea permanently.

The duo are currently in the Republic of Dominica, as part of one of the many long-distance cruises they have been on. In addition to the Caribbean, they particularly visited the coasts of Australia and New Zealand, as well as the South Pacific.

This lifestyle is not only exciting, but also less expensive, say the two sheikhs.

“We now have a phone bill, a cruise bill, and a few credit card accounts that we use when we stop, but that's about it,” says John Hennessy.

“We no longer have a mortgage or expenses to pay on our home,” he adds. “We no longer have car or home insurance or utility bills.”

According to the survey, the couple's current expenses are about half of what they spent when they lived on the mainland.

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Their cruise schedule is currently full until December 2024. After that date, they plan to reserve a spot on a Villa Vie company boat, for a three-year voyage!

The ship, whose construction has not been completed, will be occupied by 30% permanent residents.

“We want to buy a cabin that we can design the way we want. This will be our home for at least 15 years,” says Melody Hennessy.