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Christian Dvorak’s knee holds up

Christian Dvorak’s knee holds up

In recent months, Christian Dvorak underwent knee surgery. Therefore, the Canadian midfielder was unable to complete the 2022-2023 season with the others.

However, a lot of players did not finish the season on time.

All of this is to say that even if his surgery begins by now, we realize that the American may not start the season on time. Nothing is certain (it will depend on his next visit to the doctor), but it is possible.

We risk seeing him before Chris Weidman.

All of this means that this morning, photos of several CH players have surfaced, particularly via Priyanta Emrith. From the rest, we see Dvorak skating at Broussard and what we can conclude is that in the course of a light session, his knee held up. Nothing else can be concluded.

That’s a good first step, right? Without being able to say whether he will be ready at the start of the season, we can clearly see that he is progressing.

We know that several players have arrived in town and are skating together. They can’t do that with coaches before camp, but Broussard’s complex is open to them. Like in summer, actually.

Players skate in small groups to avoid collisions – as happened last year between Joel Edmondson and the captain during training.

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We can see this morning, in Broussard, that guys like Nick Suzuki, Kirby Dutch, Cole Caufield, Alex Newhook, Jake Allen, and Dvorak, to name a few, were in attendance.

Paul Byron was also present. He looks like a guest coach. Will CH officially hire him soon?

Once camp begins, coaches will decide on the formation of small groups. But this is informal and should depend on those attending.

It smells more and more like hockey.

a lot of

– Good listening.

– How strict should we be with CH? [BPM Sports]

-It’s clear that Toronto loves its national team coaches.

-At least he understood.

– In any case.

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