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“Chinese Police Stations”: The director of the organizations files a lawsuit against the mayor of Broussard for $68,000

“Chinese Police Stations”: The director of the organizations files a lawsuit against the mayor of Broussard for $68,000

The day after filing a $4.9 million lawsuit for defamation against the RCMP, the director of two community organizations described as “Chinese police stations” did it again Thursday by filing a $68,000 lawsuit against Mayor Broussard.

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Shishi Li, general director of the Chinese Family Service of Greater Montreal, Central China and Quebec Organizations and municipal councilor in Brossard, did not understand that Mayor Doreen Assaad had asked her to withdraw from her political duties in the wake of allegations from the government. Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP).

Recall that the RCMP had indicated, in March 2023, that it was investigating the two organizations led by Ms. Li, on the grounds that they were “Chinese police stations” responsible for monitoring the Chinese diaspora in Greater Montreal on behalf of the Chinese Communist Party. party.

In a press statement on Thursday, the latter’s legal team expressed its regret, saying: “On several occasions, and without relying on any evidence, Ms. Asaad questioned the legitimacy of Ms. Lee’s election and her integrity in her role as Broussard’s elected representative.”

“I am saddened that instead of defending my right to the presumption of innocence, my colleague chose to slander me,” Ms. Lee said in a press statement, accusing the mayor of “throwing fuel on the fire of prejudice.” [lui] Which causes more damage.

The Centre-Sino-Québec leader and her organization are seeking a total of $68,000 from Mayor Assad in moral and punitive damages.

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On Wednesday, Xixi Li filed an original application with Quebec Superior Court seeking $4.9 million from the RCMP, which she says is a way of trying to force the federal police to reach an amicable agreement.