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Charles Montini from OD talks about his depression and hate messages

Charles Montini from OD talks about his depression and hate messages

It takes a certain amount of courage to admit on TV that you’re not doing a good job, and Charles Montaigne He must have conducted his one-on-one interview with Mary Lynn JuncasShe appeared in the sixth and final episode ofAfter OD, web threads in which the former candidate isOD with us She was reluctant to participate, and had already refused to join At the men’s reunion « Because it is not recommended [son] family doctor ».

« It’s been tough these past few months “Last season’s candidate walked over tossed.” I was criticized so much that I lost a little self-confidence Always describing himself, he added. breakable ». « Basically, I needed help. I met the doctor, I met my doctor several times. I really want to redo that, the whole experience. There are some good sides, some not so good, but I just want to move on Charles admitted to justifying his absence from previous episodesAfter OD.

Furthermore, Mary Lynn asked him about it Vincent Beauregard, with whom he had clashes during the adventure and who assured the host that he would have liked to see Charles as part of the filming of the web series, but the social worker by training questioned the veracity of this assertion. ” I saw Vincent who blocked me on Instagram. Worst Noémie too. […] Sometimes they do events in the park and Vincent says, “Invite everyone but Charles.” Added to this are the few likes left by Vincent on hateful comments targeting Charles on social networks.

Sure enough, these famous comments were difficult for the controversial candidate to take: “ It wasn’t 10 hate messages, it was like thousands. Worse, there was already someone from the production who did the cleaning. Made me feel a little dizzy. To make his social media presence after all, Charles fired to Mary Lane: I wonder. People asked me, “Charles, why didn’t you leave social media?” I’m not a problem! The problem is the bullies and those who spend their time writing hate messages. »

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« I got depressedCharles admitted transparently. In November, I had My break up with Elo. This, I found it really difficult. […] I had heartbreak, I had to grieve. “To this are added professional difficulties, such as the difficulties he faces” Credibility affected »» Hence financial concerns, being self-employed. ” Not all areas of my life were going well. Don’t forget COVID in this one. It’s November, too. So there’s COVID depression, seasonal depression, depression from? I think it was a combination of all three, and it wasn’t going well. »

The one who admits he didn’t like himself by seeing himself on TV, especially because he’s positioned himself as a leader, still thinks he’s learned a lot about him through all of this: I learned that I was investing a lot, a lot in different areas of my life and in my lifestyle. […] I knew I still had work to do. Express how I feel in a healthy way and to the right people. Even worse, I learned a lot about love, too. […] I think I’m better equipped for my next relationship. »

Either way, whether we like Charles or not, means that letters never have a place.

After OD Available in from now on.