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Antoine Vizina forced to give up his microphone for Rythme FM

Antoine Vizina forced to give up his microphone for Rythme FM

Host and actor Antoine Vizina made a big announcement this week that saddened many of his followers.

In fact, he told Rythme FM’s employers that he won’t be back next fall for the morning show. not too early, which he hosted until then along with Patrice Belanger and Mary Kristen Proulx.

True to himself, he explained the situation over the microphone with humor, emphasizing that he chose ” sleep at night ‘, unlike his friend Patrice Belanger.

He’s found himself with what you might call a neat problem last year – one that would be the envy of many in Art Colony – of being too busy.

Between the buds of his TV projects, his family life and his restaurant mustard colonونe, the artist does not know where to turn. So he had to give up one of his projects, the radio.

On the 105.7 Rythme FM Facebook page, it read: “ Antoine announced this morning that he will not be back this fall on his morning mic. A thoughtful decision he wants to share with you. Obviously, this provoked a torrent of comments from the audience, who greatly appreciated the host’s sense of humor.

Many also went there with a hypothesis about substitution possibilities. I suggest Jose Jude sweety salty This Monday can come back on the radio. Could he be the caliph? We’ll find out on Friday…

Remember thatAntoine Vizina will be the new voice this fallAlmost perfect dinnerAfter the passing of Andre Ducharme. Promises!