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Borderlands: Jamie Lee Curtis shares mysterious first look at the movie

Borderlands: Jamie Lee Curtis shares mysterious first look at the movie

More or less than a year from the release of the film adapted from BorderlandsOn Tuesday morning on Twitter, Jamie Lee Curtis gave us a mysterious first glimpse into the feature film directed by Eli Roth.

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The actress, who will play Patricia Tanis in a film adaptation of the game franchise, shared the silhouette of fellow Cate Blanchett, avatar of Lilith.

“Welcome to Borderlands and a secret behind-the-scenes shot taken by Lilith, our legendary heroine, psycho assassin, bad-behaved vault hunter,” Curtis enthusiastically described in his post.

Meanwhile, the photo doesn’t show much, but her fans Borderlands You will surely get to know Lilith’s personality by her hair and (supposedly the look) of her clothes.

Kevin Hart praises Jamie Lee Curtis and Cate Blanchett

Last weekend, Borderlands member Kevin Hart also referenced the film in a social media post, paying tribute to co-stars Jamie Lee Curtis and Cate Blanchett.

“Working with two legends, Jamie Lee Curtis and Cate Blanchett, and I love every minute of it. It’s such an honor, ladies. The movie promises to be really special. I can only say, Wow. Lots of respect to you, the rest of the team and the cast,” he posted a comment on Instagram of a picture of him, surrounded by the two actresses.

The adaptation, written by Craig Mazin (Chernobyl), will also feature Jack Black as Claptrap. The feature film is set to be released somewhere in 2022.

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