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Carpenter and Australia won again against New Zealand

Carpenter and Australia won again against New Zealand

(Photo: Saeed Khan / AFP)

After winning the first friendly, Australia dominated mostly (3-1) in New Zealand on Tuesday.

The 2023 World Cup is still a year awayAustralia And this New Zealand, Which is already tomorrow. As co-organizers of the World Cup, both choices automatically qualify, so other nations have to take their problems patiently when they want to. France Are still in the playoffs. For this April international break, Modildas and Football Ferns have crossed the Swords twice in friendly matches. After this double conflict, maritime dominance was clearly Australian.

Carpenter is still the holder

Last Saturday, Australia had to work hard to win (2-1). Ellie’s team trailed 1-0 before extra time Carpenter The course changed in a few minutes. This Tuesday (11:45 am), the match was dominated by Australians. Especially thanks for the Sam double Kerr (15th, 32nd), Australia recorded their second win (3-1) in two matches against New Zealand. In this second game, Carpenter again played the entire game as a starter. Modildas next meeting next June against Norway From Ada Heckerberg.

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