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Australian woman wins $40 million lottery

The woman did not answer calls from an unknown number. However, she tried to claim she had won $40 million in the Australian lottery.

Sometimes we have to answer unknown numbers that call us. An Australian finally understood this, after rejecting several calls from a company responsible for giving him good news.

On February 2, the Powerball is the Australian equivalent of the lottery, announcing the winning numbers for the jackpot of the day’s draw, which is 40 million Australian dollars (nearly 25 million euros). But against all odds, no one claimed the jackpot. Australian Lotto lucky winner can call multiple times, calls go unanswered…

Australian operator The Lot decided to use drastic measures to reach the big winner, a woman from the state of Victoria in south-eastern Australia. According to the Capital website, The lot issues a press release and spreads its message on social networks.

“God, I can quit my job!”

“If you’re seeing a flurry of missed calls on your phone, you might be the winner we’re trying to contact about life-changing news,” The Lott wrote at the time.

This announcement eventually paid off. The next day, the winning Australian logs into her account – she played the lottery online – and realizes she’s won. Contacted by the Australian operator who administers the lottery“I thought it was a scam,” he explains about the calls he didn’t answer.

“My God, I can quit my job,” rejoiced the great conqueror. “I can spare some time to spend time with my family”; She believed.

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