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Martin St. Louis “Player of Excellence” at CH

Martin St. Louis “Player of Excellence” at CH

After 41 games this season, the Montreal Canadiens have a lackluster record of 16-22-3, good for 27th in the NHL.

Despite everything, the fans always seem to get behind the team and the main reason, according to Joel Bouchard, isn’t Cole Cofield or Nick Suzuki or Kent Hughes…it’s head coach Martin St. Louis.

“He’s a ball-carrier and a midfielder at the same time, he does everything, imagine him through his pole in jc, on Tuesday evening. He is the cornerstone in chess, in painting, he is the leader.

That said, he’s going to start to get tired because losing sucks in hockey and he’s a very competitive guy, but he has no choice but to stay the course and keep going. Sell us his power and invent new business.

“And he did such a good job with that, he’s the best salesperson I’ve ever seen in hockey. He’s the most important guy in the organization from top to bottom because he sells dreams and the world needs to believe in something in life.”

Bouchard continued in the same vein, praising his work with the players.

“He’s the franchise player even if he’s not on the ice anymore. He’s the best player on the team and that’s okay. You hear everyone say it’s great in the locker room…you have to do that when you’re losing a lot of games.”

“He’s able to guard the locker room with owls and ice cream and that’s fun. The veterans don’t play and are happy not to play because the atmosphere is very relaxed, very fun and they play games in training.

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“It’s an extraordinary job that he’s doing and he’s great because he doesn’t burn the cards. Will he get angry because of one or four more points in the standings? He’ll be useless, he’s absolutely brilliant because he was as a player. He’s the key player.”

Watch Joël Bouchard’s full column in the video above.