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Cabral Libii - Can it: Vaccine and Test?  No !

Cabral Libii – Can it: Vaccine and Test? No !

In a press release dated 16 December 2021 signed by the Minister of Sports and Physical Education, the Minister of Health, the Confederation of African Football and the Cameroon Football Federation, we discovered with astonishment the health protocol of the African Cup of Nations. It is not acceptable to ask for a vaccine And the test (PCR less than 72 hours or TDR Less than 24 hours) from COVID-19 to attend matches can. the FIFA Did he ask for the Champions League? ? The most important thing is not the test ?

Why raise controversy over vaccine adherence when approaching A can hope so ?

It is excessive, unjust and contempt for the Cameroonian people.

divine ! Our country, despite its extreme neglect, remains outstanding in its approach to containing this epidemic. Above all, Cameroonians have for some time been living quietly with the pharmacopoeia and the grace of God.

Let the Cameroonians support their team and take part in this celebration !

The height of humiliation and contempt for the Cameroonian medical profession, as it is a foreign laboratory that conducts examinations for various teams.

I know our government had to bow in pity because of an Olympic stadium they hastily mess around with after the time is up… They’re begging, we know, so that it’s an inaugural ceremony can « Scheme “There is maintenance. But still ! Until when my Lord !

Libya Cabral

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