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Winnipeg Jets coach Paul Morris resigns

Winnipeg Jets coach Paul Morris resigns

The Winnipeg Jets have announced the resignation of coach Paul Morris […] His resignation was accepted by the team, refers to the press release posted on Twitter on Friday morning.

Mr. Morris has been at the helm of the team since January 2014.

Assistant coach Dave Lowery will be the interim head coach.

Paul Morris explained his decision to the media at a news conference Friday morning.

They are a good team and I am a good coach. But sometimes leading a team is like pushing a rock up a mountain and you can only do that up to a point. This is where I feel like now, He says.

Better than anyone knowing they need a new voice, continues Paul Morris, who sees the team as Regularly not where it should be.

Mr. Morris asserts that he loves the players and the team very much, but looks at them and says to himself: Something needs fixing, and that thing is me.

Paul Morris explained his decision to the media at a news conference Friday morning.

Photo: Radio Canada/Trevor Brian/CBC

The coach adds that he has felt his love for his job fall apart over the past two years and it has become difficult for him to make it to the ring every day. you deserve the best, He says.

You’re here on a four-month contract […] I fell in love with everything: the owners, the managers, the players, the staff, the city, the amateurs, the snow, the coldPaul Morris who stresses that he always maintains a good relationship with all the team members.

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However, he was not ready to announce the end of his coaching career after 26 years.

Aircraft general manager Kevin Chifeldaev spoke after Morris, saying he respected the coach’s decision. He started losing fire [qui brĂ»lait en lui], he explains.

Mr. Cheveldayoff was quick to comment on the performance of the Jets, who are currently 13-10-5. This team should be better, it summarizes.

Kevin Sheffieldev, at a press conference following the resignation of Jets coach Paul Morris.

Kevin Sheffieldev has been the Managing Director of Winnipeg Jets since 2011.

Photo: Radio Canada/Trevor Brian/CBC

I do not think that [Paul Maurice] Stop working, or men stop listening […] But can they hear it?, he wonders.

Dave Lowery will be the head coach for the remainder of the season, according to Kevin Chifeldaev, who expects changes.

I think the players should be feeling some discomfort now that we’re in an uncomfortable situation, says the Director General of Aircraft.

Dave Lowery will speak to the media at 4 p.m. prior to the game against the Washington Capitals.