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Bud Light: Watch the first ad since the controversy

Bud Light: Watch the first ad since the controversy

The Beer Bud Light Company has engaged in its first-ever marketing campaign since it teamed up with a controversial transgender influencer in May, which sent sales plummeting.

In a possible nod to recent months, Bud Light chose to illustrate groups that overcome adversity with a cold beer, to enjoy summer despite negative aspects of the season such as scorching earth, sunburn or even gusts of wind ruining the barbecue, CNN reported.

Set to the beat of the 1979 hit “Good Times,” the ad campaign that launched Thursday is accompanied by a contest to win $10,000 a week to “make summer easy to enjoy and fill all garden parties,” it said in a statement.

But while comments were banned from the start below the video on YouTube, many netizens took to Twitter to say they won’t soon forget what they see wrong with the latest campaign, when the company teamed up with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney.

Then sales fell 24% in a few weeks, according to US media.

“Let’s make one thing clear. You don’t redeem yourself. You did what you did, and now you’re paying for it. That’s how it works. Just like all companies you think [se racheter] After Pride Month. One commented, and it reached over 37,000 views.

Instead, others have accused the company of trying to replace its target audience, this time arguing that the company was trying to “mock ordinary Americans” in the ad.

On Twitter, the video had already reached more than 4.8 million views by Friday morning.