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Brad Marchand attacks Canadian fans

Brad Marchand attacks Canadian fans

Boston Bruins forward Brad Marchand is hated in many arenas across the National Hockey League and that won’t change anytime soon, especially in Canada.

After his family’s victory on Sunday against the Vancouver Canucks, who played the champions in the third period, but were also suspended for three games for their gesture against Oliver Ekman-Larson. (video above), He was questioned about the Canadian public.

“Working in Canada they are really passionate about hockey,” he said first. Hockey is a way of life in Canada. There are many ardent supporters.

“However, there are a lot of teams that are not doing well in Canada and it is difficult for the players. Their families are bullied, their children are bullied at school.

“So the fans can be a big part of the failures of Canadian teams. Sometimes they make players’ lives miserable. They definitely push players to play for teams that don’t have that kind of fans. So fans should look at themselves in the mirror as well.”

Marchand lived on both sides of the coin with Canadian fans. While hated as a Bruins player, he has often been hailed as a member of the Canadian Championship teams at the World Cup, World Hockey Championship, and World Junior Hockey Championship.

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