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Boxing: Canelo Alvarez wants to pass the knockout blow to Gennady Golovkin to dispel any doubt

Boxing: Canelo Alvarez wants to pass the knockout blow to Gennady Golovkin to dispel any doubt

Canelo Alvarez, the undisputed middleweight champion, is eager to defeat Gennady Golovkin by knockout. In their third fight on September 17, to dispel any doubts after the previous two close encounters ended in a draw and winning points for the Mexican.

“I’ll get a K.-O. from the first round,” the Mexican promised, during a brief round table with some media presence before a press conference in Los Angeles.

Before he first nosed his nose for more than a minute in an electric atmosphere, Canelo verbally attacked his opponent.

“I’m still fighting 100%, that’s how I fight, but now I feel more excited and more dangerous… Especially against this guy, Golovkin, who talks a lot about nonsense, it’s going to be a good fight,” he said.

“He always says I’m scared, I run away, he says a lot about me. He always pretended to be a good guy, but he’s an idiot,” he said again.

Before ending their trilogy at the T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas, the 31-year-old Mexican and the 40-year-old Kazakh had to decide a controversial tie in 2017, with many observers pointing to Golovkin at the time. winner. The second clash occurred in September 2018 in favor of Canelo by majority decision.

The two boxers will fight this time in the super middleweight, a class above. The one in which the Mexican holds all the belts, which he will play accordingly, having failed to establish control over the light weights, was clearly defeated by unanimous decision, at the beginning of May, by the Russian WBA champion Dmitri Pevol.

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“It was very important for me to come back quickly. It takes a lot of people a year or two to come back after a loss. But I want to be one of the best fighters in history. I feel more motivated. I am a more dangerous boxer because I fought this fight after defeat,” Canelo emphasized, Adding: “Golovkin will be surprised at how far I have come, with the strength that I have.”