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Elliotte Friedman once again associates Colin White's name with CH

Elliotte Friedman once again associates Colin White’s name with CH

four. This is the number of days left before the first round of the National Hockey League draft in Montreal.

So there isn’t much time left before we find out who will be the Montreal Canadiens’ first choice, but also what other “moves” Kent Hughes will make.

Several rumors have already confirmed that the CEO of the boarding house complex will try by all means to get another option in the top ten.

We also know that for another Top 10 pick, Hughes is shopping for some veterans.

In fact, this is what Elliot Friedman famously mentioned in his last article 32 ideaswhere he takes the time to write a few lines about the rumors surrounding each of the NHL teams in the draft selection order.

What are the names given by Friedman? Jeff Petrie (obviously), Christian Dvorak and Josh Anderson.

However, Friedman also reiterated CH’s interest in Ottawa Senators forward Colin White.

A reputable whistleblower had claimed, before the trade deadline, that Habs had shown interest in the 25-year-old position.

Many were skeptical at the time considering that White hadn’t broken anything since he made it to the NHL. Moreover, his knots are far from attractive.

The Sens striker will earn another $4.75 million annually for three more seasons. That’s a lot for a man who scored a season’s best of 41 points, including 14 goals.

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In short, the fact that Friedman returned to the interest of CH still brings misunderstanding of CH proponents.

However, Friedman notes an important point. Kent Hughes is Colin White’s former agent.

So will Hughes try to help White, a former client, while Ottawa is paying him to get his contract?

It’s possible.

We’ll know in the next few days or even weeks if this interest is really serious.

What is certain is that white is not on the same level as Dvorak.

If you want to know all 32 ideas Written by Elliot Friedman, I leave you the link over here.

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