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Craig Button says it's a real NHL-caliber prospect

Craig Button says it’s a real NHL-caliber prospect

This time last year, when Artturi Lehkonen was on the verge of eliminating the Vegas Golden Knights with his famous goal in overtime, few knew Montreal’s Arber Xhekaj. In fact, a year ago, Xhekaj was working at Costco because OHL did not hold a season in 2020-21 due to COVID-19.

However, before the start of the 2021-22 season, Xhekaj set himself on a map In Montreal for his excellent playing in the CH camp, so much so that he was awarded a contract with the Canadian. Since then, the staunch defender continues to show great things, and he is the one who slowly begins to carve out a place for himself in the Amal Habes hierarchy.

And according to Craig Button, Xhekaj is a true NHL-caliber prospect. Not bad for a guy who wasn’t drafted into OHL.

Button has been watching the young defender a lot over the past few weeks and says he’s very impressed with what he’s seeing. He loves the confidence of the youngster who never hesitates on the ice as well as the way he plays. Xhekaj has a “unique” style of play, notes a TSN expert.

And according to Button, Xhekaj really has what it takes to evolve with the Canadian one day. There is still work to be done to perfect his game, of course, but according to Patton, the young defender in CH is not just a simple solid defender: he has many interesting assets.

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I’m still a bit skeptical as to whether Xhekaj will be able to prove himself in the NHL, but just the fact that he’s a debate now is pretty impressive for the youngster, who needed to go through the roll. The way to get an NHL contract (non-drafted in OHL, not included in NHL, etc.). He can be really proud of himself.

Xhekaj is likely to play at Laval next year and it would be a good way to see if he really has a chance of securing a place in the Canadiens squad one day. I have truly I can’t wait to see him work there.


Even if he has the potential to play in the NHL within a few years, another factor that could hurt Xhekaj is the fact that competition will be tough among the team’s left-footed defenders. Alexander Romanov, Kayden Gaul, Jordan Harris, Jayden Strobel, Matthias Norländer, Corey Schönemann and even Joel Edmundson: there will be many defenders for a few positions.

But if it can force men to bring out the best in themselves, so much the better.

Furthermore, Xhekaj (as well as Jan Mysak, Who was heavily inspired by his time among the prosShe will face Guhle tonight (6pm) in the Anniversary Cup. It would be fun to have a lookeye