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Behind the pro-Hamas demonstration at Carrefour Laval, rejection from Quebec

Behind the pro-Hamas demonstration at Carrefour Laval, rejection from Quebec

Pro-Hamas demonstration at Carrefour Lavalthe day after Christmas, will surprise many: why bother on this day, which is less festive than crazy, I agree, and which represents the peak of spending in the holiday season?

If the “degrowth” demonstrators had wanted, strictly speaking, to disrupt this event, we could understand that, but we are sorry, because we should not be prevented from leaving peace to ordinary people.

But what do Hamas supporters do?


We will only understand this event by placing it in the broader context of the importation of foreign conflicts into the Western world within its borders, an importation that has become increasingly evident in recent years – and which is also inseparable from the importation of virulent Islamic anti-Semitism.

We see this in Europe as well as in North America, and ordinary people in these countries suddenly discover themselves as strangers in their own countries.

Isabelle Laporte, one of Quebec's most interesting Twitter personalities, noticed something key while watching videos of the demonstration.

LaPorte noted that one protester, who was speaking on behalf of other demonstrators, shouted: “Your government makes you complicit…» Who exactly are they demonstrating against? Which is “You“? Doesn't that include? Does he only live here? Laporte asks.

We understand that this protester, even if he holds Canadian citizenship, treats it as if it were a simple piece of paper that he does not attach to any existential burden.

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Deep down, his deepest identity is Palestinian, not Canadian, and even less Quebecois.

Moreover, he does not even have the basic decency to address Quebecers in their own language, but we are used to that.

This is part of the diaspora crisis that has struck Canada in recent months.

We have seen this in particular with the Chinese community: it is clear that the Chinese government expects Canadians of Chinese descent to be loyal to China first and not to Canada. Clearly, there are many in Chinese society who share this view.

Behind this, we always see the combined effects of mass immigration and multiculturalism.

Mass migration transforms the demographic structure of the host country, fosters communitarianism and prevents any integration: multiculturalism creates cardboard citizenship. The host country is emptied of its identity while migrant communities are called upon to preserve and enhance it.


I return for a moment to the pro-Hamas demonstration. It is not narrated that this happened in Carrefour Laval, which today appears to be located in a region subject to globalization with an undefined identity, and no relationship to the identity of the historical French-speaking majority. Only French remains there.

Frédéric Lacroix had already noticed that Laval was now an extension of the West Island. In other words, this demonstration, far from being anecdotal, was an indication of the new Quebec being built for us in the name of diversity inclusion.