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Computer genius, Bill Gates admits he is useless in this new field – La Nouvelle Tribune

Computer genius, Bill Gates admits he is useless in this new field – La Nouvelle Tribune

Artificial Intelligence has already turned the world upside down, and with 2024 set to be an exciting year, it is set to do so even more so. Whether in the digital, health, media or other sectors, Use of artificial intelligence It should and does allow for the automation of certain processes, to save time, etc.

However, some people have difficulty finding their way. This is especially the case Bill Gates. Founder Microsoft He recently admitted to being a little lost in the face of all this turmoil. Moreover, the billionaire admitted that he had great difficulty using artificial intelligence tools in the context of his profession.

Bill Gates still has a little problem using AI tools

His initial idea? Use these tools to automate the reading of documents several hundred pages long, which AI can summarize. His brakes? Good old habits, which are sometimes hard to put aside. However, he is sure that with training, analysis and patience, AI will help reduce inequality in the world.

2023, a precursor to the AI ​​explosion?

The year 2023, which witnessed the emergence of artificial intelligence tools, will only be a prelude to everything that will happen in the coming years. The year 2024 could allow a large number of companies to propose new projects that would, ultimately, help Bill Gates and his foundation in their daily battle. We still need to ensure the ethics of these tools… but also learn how to use them properly!

And it seems so Gates Don't be the only one who believes this. According to some discussions, OpenAI (the company behind… ChatGPT(, the first major innovation based on artificial intelligence) will consider launching a new fundraising campaign that could raise the group's capital to more than $100 billion. Never before in such a short time.