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Four times the alcohol limit: You leave the road in front of the police

Four times the alcohol limit: You leave the road in front of the police

A 37-year-old motorist justified her escape by driving her four times the permissible limit in a grueling work week, prompting her to leave the road in front of a police patrol on Tuesday evening in the Outaouais.

It was an employee of a restaurant in Chelsea who informed public security at the MRC des Collines-de-l'Outaouais, shortly after 11pm, that a 37-year-old customer had just left the restaurant with more than one drink. In the nose.

Shortly after, the police found the “extremely erratic” car on the northbound 5 Freeway, at the moment when the driver had crashed into the ditch after leaving the road, in front of the police witnesses despite themselves, we can read in the press the release of Local police.

She added that a 37-year-old woman from La Beche was intercepted and taken to the police station where she tried to justify the fact that she had drunk a lot of alcohol – to the point of breaking the alcohol meter record – due to a bad week at work. official speaker.

She added that the 30-year-old woman will have to appear before the regional court next July, after her car was confiscated for 30 days and her driving license was suspended for 3 months.

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