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Barracks, environmental mediation space and underground passages

Barracks, environmental mediation space and underground passages

Ile-de-Ré district councilors organized a press conference for the first time the day after the board’s fall session. They evaluated current projects related to our island.

In the preamble, Patrice Raffarin welcomed the amendment to the Finance Law proposed by Olivier Falorni and adopted by the National Assembly regarding the possibility of financing new cycle routes for 2024 through the environmental tax (pending the possibility of passing a proposed law). ” In fact, the administration is very involved in the masterplan of the cycle path on the Ile de Ré, especially for the surface and subterranean lanes of the highway. In this scheme, there are thirteen corridors, including four so-called “underground” underground projects. This amendment will allow the administration to fund these developments more easily. President Sylvie Marcili actively supports the MP’s approach. »

San Martin in the spotlight: barracks, underground passage, project “Favorite”

Veronique Richez-Lerouge wanted to showcase what had been achieved during a third of the term. Thus, the software license for the SDIS Emergency Center in San Martin de Ré was approved during the autumn session, as well as seven other centers in the province (€62.8 million). As we know, the new location of the center, on land acquired by the municipality of Saint-Martin (opposite AquaRé and the gas station), will facilitate the work of 58 firefighters, including 8 professionals, from the station. The ministry will cost 3.5 million euros. Business consultations were held.

Another file, the “La Favorite” file, was filed in Saint-Martin. An “underpass” under the motorway (towards the cemetery roundabout) is planned, “which could be done in conjunction with the planned lane at La Couarde (facing La Parée Street), but is more complicated due to the risk of inundation. The services will try to do both at the same time Saint-Martin is concerned above all with reducing traffic congestion, and the La Corde area also has important security issues. The budget for the Saint-Martin tunnel (which is passable on foot, even for bicycles) ranges between 500 and 800 thousand euros depending on whether Diversion is necessary in the tunnel. The timeline for its completion would be 2025 or 2026 if done at the same time as La Couarde.

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The other two planned underground passages are located at the future Gâchettes roundabout (on the motorway between Le Bois and La Couarde, in the transport hub) and at La Grainetière on the motorway between la Flotte and Saint-Martin. If the Department finances 30% of its implementation, the Development Center and the concerned municipalities must share the balance of 70% according to the distribution key to be determined.

“We also want to reclassify the wasteland on the site of the former Point P department store (behind the Saint-Martin Cemetery), which was acquired by the administration in 2015, to make it a space for soft mobility and mediation. “The centrally located site has an area of ​​1.06 hectares, and a building area of ​​550 m2. We want to rehabilitate and beautify it with an enclosed space and a courtyard. We will maintain a convenient 280-space parking lot, and want to create a bike park, with maintenance, restrooms and picnic tables. We will maintain a charging point for the RespiRé electric buses at the back of the building. The rehabilitated building will become a space for environmental mediation, with exhibitions, a hall for associations, etc. » The project must be carried out in coordination with the municipality of San Martin, which has land there.

In response to a question from Ré à la Hune about using the Préau site in Saint-Martin, owned by the administration, Patrice Raffarin wants to host “environmental” exploration classes there, and the young people will remain at the boarding school (where only half of the students’ 50 places are currently occupied) since Only daytime activities are permitted in the yard within the Plunge Danger Limitation (PPRL).

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La Passe roundabout and bike path

Another project is the restructuring of the La Passe roundabout and the future part of the bicycle path between it and the Bois Henri IV camp site. The technical blueprint for the roundabout redevelopment project received approval from the three communities involved (Mairie La Couarde, CdC, Department) and local residents, during a recent meeting. This project includes creating pedestrian paths around the roundabout, moving the bus station and parking lots, in addition to improving the area through landscaping. The roundabout could be completed at the end of 2025 / beginning of 2026. The launch of part of the cycle path will take longer, because it will pass over land (between 13 m2 and 1,500 m2) owned by fifteen owners, with whom it is necessary to negotiate. This pushes to 2028 at best, if land rights are acquired amicably, or another year if there is expropriation.

On the other hand, pedestrians are not legally permitted to cross when crossing a DR zone, for safety reasons.

Regarding the Ars Barracks project, in view of the appeal filed by the Residents’ Association, the management consultants did not want to express themselves, but only specified that discussions are ongoing between the legal services of the management and the collective’s lawyers regarding these barracks. Possible landscape arrangements.

Mobility and bridge prices

According to Patrice Raffarin, the RespiRé show was a “resounding success”, with attendance increasing by 200% in some arenas. It will be necessary to compensate for the lack of connection in the season (from June to September) between Saint-Martin and La Coward, after the Mayor of La Coward requested the Administration and the CdC, after the closure of Line 3 in this segment.

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Regarding the workshop on seasonality and adjusting bridge prices, “ “We are progressing well.” Patrice Raffarin explained, Due to the difficulties in forming the working group, in which most municipalities and the Relais and Continental associations now participate. The Board will utilize these contributions to propose some developments for discussion and then vote on elected officials at the full session. However, I can already confirm that the overall minimum environmental tax revenue from last year will be maintained (€15.5 million in 2022, which is exceptional) and that there will be no doubt that the bridge is free for permanent residents. »

Other ongoing projects include the rehabilitation and development of the Belvedere at the foot of the bridge. The pedestrian bridge will now be available for ambulances and fire engines returning from La Rochelle.

Protecting the north of the island

“The flood protection action plan is progressing well…” Especially for 4 files. Work on La Corniche in Rivedoux will begin in January/February 2024. The initial project to protect the Fier d’Ars in the municipality of Les Portes will be completed at the end of 2023, with work planned to start in 2026. The protection of the Ars in the organizational phase, where it is located in the city hall has worked well with the services of the department. »

Departmental advisors will organize a general meeting in November. The principle of these meetings differs from the principle of a journalistic point: topics that the audience wants to receive are discussed.

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