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Bad Joke : He is harassed by a prankster who doubles pizza orders in his name

Bad Joke : He is harassed by a prankster who doubles pizza orders in his name

A Canadian from Alberta, completely enraged by receiving pizza he never ordered, no longer knows where to turn as the individual continues to carry on the bad joke, which would have involved over $1,000 worth of pizza for five months.

“What bothers me the most is that I can't do anything to stop it. In one case, the delivery guy tried to force me to pay, and after I explained the situation to him, he told me that I had to stop it. If I could, I would,” said Justin Rybicki, the victim of the joke. Bad, sorry Edmonton Magazine.

The Canadian's ordeal from Spruce Grove, a suburb of Edmonton, Alberta, appears to have begun on November 19, when he was preparing to have dinner with his family.

At that time, a delivery man from a local pizzeria, Pizza 73, showed up at the door with a delivery of more than $100 and demanded his dues.

“The delivery guy got angry and asked me what he was supposed to do with the pizza. I told him, ‘I don’t know, but I didn’t order a $100 pizza, and I won’t pay for it.’”

However, over the next three days, the situation repeated itself with the same pizzeria, to the point that the man ended up calling the police to file a complaint.

He would call the restaurant in passing and ask it to put his name and address on the list of prohibited customers, to prevent the scammer from doing this again.

A month later, delivery men from the Domino's restaurant chain began showing up at his door, but also at his workplace.

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“They've done this to me at least nine or 10 times now, wasting over $1,000 worth of pizza,” he said with a sigh. Edmonton MagazineAdding that this also causes financial losses to restaurant owners.

Even if Mr. Rybicki changed his email address, under RCMP recommendations, the bad joke would continue, to the point of leaning toward criminal harassment.

“[À ce niveau]We're talking more about misdeeds, fraud, and now harassment. This continued behavior is concerning, Corporal Troy Savinkov told CTV News Edmonton.

The investigation is still ongoing to try to catch the fraudster.