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Autivage La Tour.  Schoolchildren were planted in the multi-sports area

Autivage La Tour. Schoolchildren were planted in the multi-sports area

To beautify the space and future generations by planting olive trees and shrubs by the children of the municipal school. On Friday 25 March, the children of the municipal primary school Georges Brassens were expected to be in the multi-generational sports grounds created by the municipality at the entrance to the village of Autivage-la-Tour for a very special activity. Jean-Marie Lavousse, mayor of the town, and Guy Victor, first deputy, invited them to participate in the beautification of this space by planting an olive tree and a hedge. 7 children from the CP class and 23 children from the CE1-CE2 classes and their teachers, Sandra Tuval and Baptist Pease, first planted the olive tree, the symbol of the Tree of Peace, which, at its roots, will hide for posterity two time capsules containing messages and drawings for posterity. The letters are part of a written project on the topic “What do you say to yourself next”. The children were resurrected, with their hand in the ground, and gave themselves up to the satisfaction of their hearts each to make his contribution to planting the fence and the olive tree. In gratitude for their participation, Jean-Marie Lavouse presented each of the schoolchildren with a “diploma of small agriculture”.

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