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Espace Riopelle at MNBAQ: Architecture competition is open

Espace Riopelle at MNBAQ: Architecture competition is open

The new Espace Riopelle construction project at the National Museum of Fine Arts in Quebec takes its first step with the launch of an architecture competition.

Architects interested in designing the building that will be located on the Plains of Abraham, near the current MNBAQ Central Pavilion, can submit their applications until April 29, at 2 p.m.

“The new building, which defines the museum in a press release, will advance MNBAQ into the future by creating a true crossroads, a place of convergence within the museum complex.”

Even if it wasn’t an international competition as was the case for the construction of the Lassonde Pavilion, architects from elsewhere will be able to try their luck if they are paired up with a Quebec firm.

The jury consists of: Marie-Chantal Croft, Canadian architect, Alain Fournier, Quebec architect, Dominique Jacob, French architect, Georges Leahy, retired architect, Manon Gaultier, general manager of the Jean-Paul Reubel Foundation, Jean-Luc Murray, director MNBAQ General, and Rona Tolgan Ostheimer, Director of Education at the Sterling and Francine Clark Institute of the Arts in Massachusetts.

The winner will be announced at the end of August 2022.

Announced with great fanfare this fall by Prime Minister François Legault, the Espace Riopelle project is based on the extraordinary bequest, valued at $100 million, of 68 paintings by painter Jean-Paul Reubel from the private collections of business Michael J. .

Including the bequest value and construction cost, the Espace Riopelle project, which will see daylight in 2025, is $143 million.