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L'Australie se qualifie et sera l'adversaire des Red Lions en finale

Australia will qualify and face the Red Lions in the final

The Australians beat Germany 3-1. They will challenge the Red Lions in the final to try to win the Olympic title they have been chasing since 2004. In the first quarter, Australia open the scoring after seven minutes of play. Andrew Oakley controls an aerial pass beautifully before placing a center. -Scene of Tim Brand successfully taking over the remote position. The game starts and Germany react from the penalty corner two minutes later. A superb shot from Lucas Windfeather, the tournament’s third highest scorer, keeps both teams in balance.

The Australians had better chances in the second quarter when Andrew Oakley’s powerful shot was stopped by German goalkeeper Alexander Statler. Germany follows the pace of the imposed hell and reacts through the penalty corner. In the 27th minute, the Australian efforts were rewarded with a penalty corner, which was replaced by Blake Gowers. The gap is second in the world.

The second period starts again at the same pace with the Germans starting to hit the Australian target. The London bronze medalists in 2012 kept the Germans as close to the goal as possible. The match is in balance before the intensity subsides in the fourth quarter. Within three minutes of time, Germany tried everything and freed their goalkeeper Alexander Stadler. The change was ineffective and resulted in an Australian counter, with Thomas Sharp finishing with a blank goal from one minute. Germany will win bronze against India in Rio in 2016.

For the first time since the Athens Games in 2004, Australia returned to the Olympic final. At that time, they won against the Netherlands. Qualifying today against India, they face the KST Red Lions at 12pm on Thursday.

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