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Motocross of the Nations: Which team for the United States?

Emerging Motocross Des Nations certainly does not taste like the previous one because of its late date, i.e. IThe MXGP will take place before the end of the season. Therefore, it is difficult to plan future European pilots. We imagine that teams will be reluctant to support their stars in the fight for the world title …

On the side of the United States, The outdoor championship will end well and truly, but there are other problems. For example, we know that Kawasaki no longer wants to send drivers to races, which means Eli Tomak and the Pro Circuit team lose. Another non-hot team this year is Yamaha Star Racing, which today moves between California and Florida. That means no motocross for Justin Cooper, Jeremy Martin, Aaron Plesinger, Christian Craig or our closest Dylan Ferrantis. Of course it makes a hole! So who?

Justin Barcia has already volunteered in his various statements. Bombay confirms he already has contacts and is overseen by US team manager Roger de Koster. JB51 was experienced in this race and represented the best country every time he was invited. Another direct candidate, Chase Sexton, declared that he was “100% in agreement to represent his country.” The Honda HRC seems ready to support this initiative, which would be a perfect candidate, especially if it has won an event. good time!

There is still a pilot 250 to find! Without Justin Cooper and J-Mart, due to the move, the next American is RJ Hampshire. Big rib! According to RJ, he has not been contacted yet, but since De Caster is under the banner, he seems to be the most logical choice. Very fast, he has undoubtedly earned his place on the team, but Roger’s enthusiasm, especially his tendency to fall short in a high pressure race like this, will diminish! Another possible scenario is to place 450 pilots in one of the two halves. In this case, the location can go to a specific Cooper web with experience in this race. He has also announced that he is ready to answer the call if there is a call. Even if the genre is changing? It’s less sure! But if his boss Roger asks, it could be a game changer … to be continued!

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