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Australia: This restaurant promises terrific staff

Australia: This restaurant promises terrific staff

At this Australian restaurant, the customer is not king, and the staff are particularly disgusting. This opinion against the ethics of hospitality is related to Karen’s Diner’s February 16 article. Age. The Sydney-based restaurant serves its menu with the motto of “excellent food, terrific service”. Burgers In the atmosphere of the 1950s.

But once there, customers face terrible service, the Australian media reports, which recently gathered the testimony of customer Sally Quinn, who had lunch with relatives at the restaurant. The employee is said to have yelled at them before throwing their menus on the table. He went in the middle of the order, tapped a wallet, and made rude gestures. “There’s a lot of nervous laughter in the restaurant,” Sally Quinn laughs, “overall it was a lot of fun.”

Viral videos on TikTok

If this customer has this reaction, she knows exactly what awaits her. Similar scenes are popular on social networks and especially on TikTok where customers are abused: the more they spread, the more customers want to enjoy Karen’s Diner.

In return for this undesirable service, abusive customers are invited to come in and complain, provide identification and receive a free drink. Age.

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“This is really the place where you can say anything. Be yourself and enjoy a sober and fun dining experience,” said Australian media outlet Aden Levine enthusiastically, Viral Ventures. , Owner of the restaurant. His hope: “It was so much fun, I want to come back and bring some friends to get this experience” customers should watch out for.

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