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Australia: Taylor Swift wave sweeps through Melbourne and Sydney

Australia: Taylor Swift wave sweeps through Melbourne and Sydney

American megastar Taylor Swift is currently on tour in Australia. When seven concert dates in Sydney and Melbourne were announced, 620,000 tickets were sold in just 24 hours.

From our correspondent in Sydney,

Taylor Swift He gave three concerts in Melbourne. With a 3.5-hour performance, sold out in front of 96,000 people each time, Taylor Swift admitted that she had never played in front of such a large audience. Taylor Mania is about to descend on Sydney, where four shows are scheduled from February 23.

Some fans are willing to spend a lot of money because his tour only passes through two major cities in the country. Some have traveled from Perth, on the other side of the continent, 4,000 kilometers from Sydney and Melbourne, or even from New Zealand.

This Taylor mania benefits not just the singer or her producers, but entire sectors of the Australian economy. Last week airlines added flights to meet demand from hotels in Melbourne or Sydney, even though the latter had the opportunity to raise their fares significantly, all affected by the storm.

Economic consequences

The economic impact of the Taylor Swift madness has been assessed by researchers at the prestigious Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT). In this regard, the university made a more reasonable hypothesis that the economic benefits of the Eras tour in Australia would be about $558 million, while making it clear that this is the minimum.

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So how do we achieve this number? RMIT estimates that 620,000 people attend the concerts Taylor Swift An average of 900 Australian dollars should be kept or spent: 150 dollars for concert tickets, 100 dollars for merchandise such as t-shirts or sweatshirts, 450 for flight and hotel, 100 dollars for food and 100 dollars for other expenses.

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Also, this record could have a positive effect on tourism in terms of attendance for Melbourne concerts. Therefore, we will have to wait for the conclusion of this tour and the release of consumption figures in Australia to know more precisely what impact this will have on the Australian economy.

But these figures don't seem all that different compared to Taylor Swift's US tour, where her concerts would have generated more than four and a half billion dollars in additional consumption, the magazine says. good luck, To prevent America from falling into recession…

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