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Vu depuis l'Australie, le réservoir français apparaît ''aussi profond que celui des All Blacks''

Seen from Australia, the French tank “looks like the depths of the All Blocks”

Getting ready to get the Island-Continent Blues. For the first time since the onset of the global epidemic, the Wallabies are preparing to face a European team. But, to find a regular international rhythm. Expected recovery among Pacific islanders. The new coach of Australia XV mentions in an article Australian, Released this weekend, is the French pool he compares to. In fact, Dave Rennie beats Michael Seaga with more certainty. Following the announcement of his list to face the Blues, he announces: “I think our Wallaby C team should play against a C team All blacks, Will be a big margin “. Following this announcement, the article was quoted in France “The tank is deeper than all blacks”. A comparison that is not trivial. The Fabian Chaldean team could qualify as the French C team.Australian tour. With Jaminet, McCall, Asaco, Willie and Le Bale: The list of 42 is finally here!Working as a journalist writer for the article and working at Fox Sports is promising in some respects. This illustrates the absence of the present “Undoubtedly the best player in the world” : Antoine DuPont. He mentions Romaine Endomac And Gregory Aldrid. The Australian coach mentions, however “It doesn’t matter who they are (French) Bring it on, they will be very strong and we look forward to this challenge. ”. He justifies his distrust by the quality and training of the French Championship:

What do we know about FranceIt has a unique depth. […] There are 14 teams in their league, they play with the best players from the Southern Hemisphere and they have gone there to continue their careers. With my experience in Europe, I know that the French teams are enormous. […] They have won the last two editions World Cup The number of people under the age of 20 and many of those young people is increasing.

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The coach didn’t seem to fail either. He confirms the existence of Wallaby “Still a good team”. However, he avoids talking about total success during this tour: “A 3-0 win is definitely not something I can talk about in the media.”.Australia 11 '' Blues', Dimani and O'Connor prepare for tour of France against XVAustralia 11 ” Blues’, Dimani and O’Connor prepare for tour of France against XV