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Vidéo - Australie : Un python de 3m se cachait au rayon épices

Australia: 3m mountain snake hidden in spice field

These are weird Australian things. At the Sydney Supermarket, the 3m mountain snake disappeared into the spice field. However, the customer who came face to face with him did not run away, on the contrary. For good reason, Helena Aladdin has an interest in: catching snakes.

The young woman, who was interviewed on Australian television, described the scene. “I was going to pick out what spices were in my chicken tonight, and I didn’t immediately notice it. He hid behind the spices and decided to stick his head out to say hello. His face was eight inches from mine. I wish I could have seen how well I would have behaved if someone had been in the gap at that point. “, Helena Aladi explains with a laugh.

Very seriously, she noted that she did not immediately realize what was happening when she saw the mountain snake. She took the animal on video after learning that it would hit the internet. “After that, I thought it would be nice to warn the staff that there is a 3m snake in the spice field.”, She always says jokingly.

Helena explains that she collaborated with staff to catch reptiles. She returned home to collect her equipment to catch snakes. The young woman walks quietly before leaving the mountain snake in the woods with full protection.

“I think snakes and animals generally have a sixth sense about humans. He went there the day before or for several hours and dozens of people passed by with spice. He took his head out when I was myself. As you can see from the video, it’s very difficult, but When the snake is defensive or distracted, it comes to an S-shaped position ready to attack. He was eager and wanted to say hello “,” he said. She promises.

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