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Attract files are ‘fifty fifty’ names in the US and other countries so can’t steal – K-gen

Attract files are ‘fifty fifty’ names in the US and other countries so can’t steal – K-gen

ATTRAKT has decided not to present rights to Fifty Fifty worldwide.

If you haven’t been following the case from the beginning, we remind you of several events that have taken place in recent weeks.

FIFT FIFTY’s agency, ATTRAKT recently released a statement exposing the behavior of some agencies trying to rob the band. According to the company, foreign powers will attempt to illegally recruit fifty-fifty members who do not honor contracts with ATTRAKT to sign with another agency.

CEO of the agency He even asked for fifty-fifty members “Return to agency as soon as possible”, then moved forward with the company’s allegations. ATTRAKT later announced that it had sent a content certificate to Warner Music Korea, after learning that Warner Music Korea was in discussions with a third party about buying fifty-fifty from their agency, the company responded to these allegations.

At the end of June, the Fifty Fifty law firm released an official statement through BARUN. In this press release, we learn that they have filed a petition seeking a temporary injunction to suspend the validity of their exclusive agreements. According to them, their agency would have breached the terms of the ATTRAKT contract.

Since then, many additional revelations have been made.

Fifty Fifty was born from a collaboration between two companies: ATTRAKT and The Givers.

The Givers is an agency designed to find and introduce members. However, this required funding, which is where ATTRAKT came in. ATTRAKT offered money in exchange for seeing the girls sign with the agency. So the group’s members signed with ATTRAKT, their real agency, while The Givers became the agency’s partner in managing music promotions.

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However, in recent days, it has been reported in the media that The Givers CEO Ahn Sung Il is behind the whole affair. In fact, he allegedly tried to sell fifty-fifty to Warner Music Korea, even though the group didn’t even belong to his company.

If this information is confirmed, Ahn Sung Il would have attempted to sell the FIFTY FIFTY group to Warner Music Korea without ATTRAKT’s agreement.

On July 3, ATTRAKT later released an audio recording of a chat between ATTRAKT CEO Jun Hong Joon and Yoon, Managing Director of Warner Music Korea. The record shows that Warner Music Korea offered the CEO of The Givers a large amount of money to buy fifty-fifty, but ATTRAKT never learned of these dealings.

Following this, Dispatch published a lengthy file on the case, showing specific manipulations by Ahn Sung Il behind ATTRAKT, explaining, for example, that Ahn Sung Il owns almost all copyrights to “Cupid” behind the company and members of FIFTY FIFTY.

Since then, we have also learned that members of the group and their relatives have registered the name Fifty Fifty behind their agency.

On July 17, the case continued with new revelations since the long document was sent. The Dispatch has proven that Ahn Sung Il stole the copyrights of “Cupid” from the original creators with a forged signature. The producer took the opportunity to reduce Keena’s (FiftyFifty member) royalty from 6.5% to 0.5% and divert all royalties to his personal profit. He lied to ATTRAKT’s CEO who was worried about the song’s original songwriters.

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After the Dispatch revealed, the KOMCA took an important decision. The Korean Music Copyright Association has actually met to make an official decision to suspend all copyright payments for “Cupid” until the situation is resolved.

Public opinion rallied around ATTRAKT, with Korean netizens still supporting the agency in the face of Ahn Sung Il and its association with the Fifty Fifty members.

Recently, new sinister revelations have come to attack Ahn Sung. In his official profile, the producer says he graduated from Jungkook University with a degree in business and has worked in several companies. However, the media found out that he did not graduate from this prestigious university and that he was lying by falsely claiming that he had worked in some company.

Today, we are again interested in the decision of the members’ families to register the name ‘피해해피해티’ (the name written in Korean as ‘fitty fifty’) in South Korea.

To combat this effort by families, ATTRAKT has decided to register the name ‘Fifty Fifty’ (as it is commonly known overseas) in several regions of the world, namely the United States, the United Kingdom, Japan and China, which are major music markets. ATTRAKT’s request is accepted.

This means that members of the group cannot promote anything under the FIFT FIFTY name internationally without ATTRAKT’s permission, even if they receive the end of the contract with the company.

A lawyer for the agency confirmed this information to the media: “States recognize only the rights granted to them. In other words, Fifty Fifty cannot advertise under this name in the United States or the United Kingdom, for example through their copyright obtained in South Korea. So we applied for and got the rights to the name Fifty Fifty in the US, UK, Japan and China. »

Source: Come forward