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Plusieurs dizaines de milliers de bénévoles ont été formés au Royaume-Uni afin de pouvoir vacciner la population.

Voluntary vaccinations are one of the keys to the success of the vaccine campaign

There are tens of thousands of people who are trained to be vaccinated, without medical qualification.

Hannah Lewis clearly remembers the first hand she pierced. “I will never forget my first patient”, Promises to this director of the beauty salon The beauty of the bridge, In Eastley, south of England. “I was very nervous, but the pharmacist who came with me confirmed a look for me, I did. I felt a lot of adrenaline. Then my nerves suddenly calmed down. My first patient was adorable. Finally, he wondered, ‘Oh is it already over?’

Hannah Lewis was one of 30,000 volunteers mobilized in the United Kingdom Prevent population for caregivers. The British government amended the law in October 2020 to allow the introduction of new national protocols and a comprehensive list of experts to be vaccinated. Paramedics, chiropractors, nurses, medical students, and dietitians can now participate in the vaccination campaign. That’s not all. Downing Street is gone

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