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Tasmanian tiger or "sick fox"?  A strange canyon filmed in Australia

Tasmanian tiger or “sick fox”? A strange canyon filmed in Australia

Did the Tasmanian tiger – or Thales – that was considered extinct almost a century ago survive? A new video, taken near Melbourne, brings grain to grind for believers.

Usually, evidence and images from Australia are revived Discussion of the stability of the Tasmanian tiger Looks like a marsupial dog that disappeared completely into the wild at the turn of the century and some specimens survived in zoos until the 1930s.

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But most of the videos buzzing on social media are taken in the middle of nature, far from home. In Stratmore, a small town on the outskirts of Melbourne, this line-up, recorded in a couple cars, is not like that. The video, shared on TikTok, looks like a slender dog at first glance. But immediately, the traveler shouts: “What is it? Could it be the Tasmanian tiger? And, in fact, the shadow of the reed with its short line, you can see what the lines look like, which is reminiscent of an extinct animal.

@ andy_b11 An endangered Tossy tiger has been found in Stratmore, Melbourne. What exactly is it? Channel 9 #Destroyed# Endangered animal#Tasmanyandiger# Thilasin# Melbourne# Westmelborn# Pets# Victoria#fyp#fyp♬ Original Sound – Andyy00

The scene takes a surprising turn as the narrator leaves the car to pursue the mysterious creature. He follows her a few meters before she disappears into the darkness. Despite the excitement at this time, both witnesses have not witnessed the famous marsupial resurrection, and are considering other hypotheses such as the “very sick” fox or the dog infected with the mango. It is difficult to draw conclusions from these pictures alone, but this video has been added to the previous ones to allay suspicions. Also, like the mysterious beast of Stratmore, it is still rumored …

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Below are colorful archives of thiazine captured in the 1930s.

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