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Aster: A Foray into Astronomy Over Time

Aster: A Foray into Astronomy Over Time

Scientific interpretation organization located in Saint-Louis-du-Ha! Ha! It offers a series of workshops and activities, as well as eight conferences aimed at customers of all ages, dealing with topics about possible ends of the world, various historical topics of aeronautics, even the future space station that will eventually orbit the moon. Without forgetting a topic that raises many questions, which is the issue of colonization on Mars.

“We have rocks and minerals, it doesn’t just fascinate children. There are some who take their rocks to learn about them, and this happens, it works very well when we touch on several topics such as Mars, the colonization of Mars, is it possible and where can it not be,” explains Marc-Andre Paradis, astronomer at Aster.

In the museum there is a place that is especially popular with young people. The futuristic spaceship that was equipped ten years ago to learn and discover astronomy. So it is possible to simulate a flight in the cockpit of the rocket that was built from a photo provided by NASA. In addition, people can conquer events from the past through the planetarium experience, but also by simulating a boat like the ancient navigators who orient themselves far away from the stars. To visit, reservations can be made at the Aster Museum or on their website.

“Everyone with a little bit of that curiosity, we know it, there are some things in life that people want, they want to be a cop, they want to be a freelance firefighter, when you’re younger, those who want to be an astronaut were leaving when they got to Here and go to the station, and they have fun, and they have fun,” concludes Stephane Madur, General Manager of Aster BSL.

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