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We tested ChatGPT’s AI based on its knowledge of Overseas Territories, and the result was… mixed

ChatGPT is the new AI system that is very interactive these days. To try to understand whether this system was reliable, we asked him about his knowledge of overseas territories. He is often relevant but also makes big mistakes. explanations.

Launched at the end of 2022, in a few weeks, ChatGPT, New tool using artificial intelligence, has already attracted several million users. The principle is simple: it is a website that gives access to a chatbot (a type of written conversation with a virtual interlocutor who is nothing but artificial intelligence). Just ask him a written question and in a few seconds, give written and synthesized answers.

The format is clear and the content appears documented and serious. When asked how it works, ChatGPT explains that “They are trained to use this information to answer questions on a wide range of topics. Synthesis of artificial intelligence Large text from the Internet, including newspaper articles, books, blogs, and websites“.

So we tested by asking him about overseas territories, and there are some surprises.

The first question is simple: tell me about the Overseas Territories. But the answer is very incomplete. The AI ​​merely cites five areas and blends the brush on the condition of some. Thus, Polynesia has become an “overseas territory”, and it is necessary to revive it several times in order to end up talking about Saint-Pierre and Miquelon that you present as “two overseas societies”. Watch an excerpt from our exchanges with Chat GPT:

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GPT chat answers abroad
GPT chat and abroad

However, the answers that ChatGPT provides are sometimes relevant. Thus, when asked about Guadeloupe’s musical styles, the AI ​​cites zouk, kompa, biguine, or gwo ka all at once.

Chat and music GPT in Guadeloupe

But AI is far from wrong. When asked to quote famous personalities from Guyana, ChatGPT quotes Belle-Mille Leon Gontran Damas and Christian Taubira, but also… Daniel Balavoin or Guy Beddos. According to Chat GPT, Reunion characters include… Danny Boone or Yannick Noah and Josephine Baker. He quotes all the same, this time without error, artist Daniel Warrow.

More serious, errors or inaccuracies on more sensitive topics. Thus, when asked about the seriousness of Piton de la Fournaise, he explained that it is “Dangerous because it is located in a densely populated area and can cause serious damage in the event of an eruptionHe must be questioned again to correct his mistake.

Gpt chat and peyton de la fournaise

Surprise, Chat GPT can answer in Creole (here at Réunion Creole).

Chat GPT and Creole

And for lovers of good food, he can even offer a recipe for sausage sausage… without the chili. Specialists will judge the relevance of his answer:

GPT chat: Rugel sausage recipe
GPT Chili Cat in Regil