Calling a Halt to Israeli Annexation


Calling a Halt to Israeli Annexation

A tri-nation effort is needed where Muslim nations failed in putting a halt to Israeli-US territorial designs in Jerusalem. Head of the Islamic Civilisation Faculty research group of Universiti Teknologi Malaysia, Professor Kamaruzaman Yusoff shares his insights.

FOR those despairing at the futility of efforts to halt the Israeli annexation of Jerusalem, their next hope lies in the possible triple axis involving Turkey, Russia and Iran.

The lack of commitment amongst Arab nations was evident from the lukewarm support shown by Arab nations – some of whom sent low-level delegations to the hastily-convened summit of the OIC called by Turkey in response to Trump’s foreign policy speech on Dec 6 statement recognising East Jerusalem as Israel’s capital. The exception was Kuwait with the Emir himself attending.

The support was strongest amongst non-Arab OIC nations including Malaysia, Indonesia and Senegal in sending their head of governments to attend.

An undercover Israeli security personnel detains a Palestinian demonstrator during a protest against U.S. President Donald Trump's decision to recognise Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.  - Photo by Reuters

Arab nations who were less than enthusiastic in their support could be wary of Turkey’s intentions to extradite cleric Fethullah Gullen from the United States following the failed July 15 coup. These Arab nations apparently do not see need to go out of their way to show any hint of solidarity with Turkey.

Divided as they are, the Arab nations find themselves having to take sides in the larger issue involving the U.S. loathing of Iran which they consider at the main fomenter of mischief in the region.

While one may consider the OIC resolve to recognise East Jerusalem as Palestine capital as rather a damp squib, it does go some way to show at least some parts of the world are awake to this Israeli-Trump immorality if not grand larceny.

Now we wait with bated breath what the combined efforts of Turkey-Russia-Iran can do to reverse what remains, this most blatantly iniquitous land grab. Perhaps there can be nothing more dastardly immoral than if the USA, or Russia, or China; unilaterally planted a flag on the moon or even Mars – and call it the location for the new Washington DC, Moskva or Beijing.

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