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"Are you sure he'll come?!"  »... Rumor of the Liberation of King Charles III

“Are you sure he’ll come?!” »… Rumor of the Liberation of King Charles III

From our special correspondent in London,

She runs, runs, rumours… On this Friday afternoon, in The Mall, this royal lane lined with trees and British flags, connects it Buckingham Palace to do Trafalgar Square, a royal outing was rumored to be taking place. It is even rumored that this crowned head may not be a distant first cousin of Queen Elizabeth. No.

Rumor has it King Charles III Just back from Wales, he would pedal down the promenade avenue in the coming minutes from the back of his burgundy Rolls Royce. It took no more than a hundred visitors, and a special correspondent 20 minutes, To make a crane’s foot. Gossip report.

Budding detectives

Wednesday, Coffin Queen Elizabeth II During a procession, Buckingham left Buckingham Palace to join Westminster Hall. This is the last one Road Holy shit, tens of thousands of people followed on location and on TV, following a route, all mapped out and available directly from the site. British Government. Like a map of two parks Disneyland Paris.

The official route of the Lying-in-State procession in London. –

Around 4 p.m., in the last meters of what is here officially called the “Lying-in-State Procession,” a handful of silhouettes slowly begin to pile up against the barricades adjacent to Buckingham Palace. In all, about fifty spectators were placed on each side of the signs marking the alleys of The Mall.

“It looks like King Charles III will be leaving Buckingham in a few minutes,” said Olivia, in her fifties, who is apparently knowledgeable about royal customs and manners. No official announcement, no fellow journalists on site, not even a tweet Camilla Parker Bowles, but how did Olivia get this information? “Two helicopters hovered over the area for over half an hour and the police officers seemed agitated,” he tells us. The rumor has started.

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From 4 to 5 p.m., audience after audience, the crowd thickens around us. “Excuse me, but what are you waiting for?” A mother and daughter ask Olivia. “The King,” replied our detective. Rumor has faded, certainty has taken its place and after more than an hour of waiting, a long line has formed on both sides of the royal aisle.

Faiths and miracles

The problem was that after 5:30pm we saw vehicles going in one direction or another, all of which startled Olivia even more, but there was no sign of King Charles III. Teams of police officers on motorcycles, vans to maintain the green spaces of the palace “Royal Mail Post Office”… All passed away before our eyes in faith, and all took part with him. Finally, to Olivia! “I don’t know how long I’ve been here, I can’t see the time passing, but I’m sure he’s going to come out.”

Around 6pm, we lose a man. A few minutes after us, Brian also believed the rumour. But there, he breaks down: “Are you sure that he will come? ! (Are you sure that he will come?!). Understand, “Am I really wandering around in the cold to greet the palace groundskeepers? ! “. Rumors are not enough and the young man loses patience.

We have to say we understand Brian. Even longer to wait several hours, stuck behind a barrier, that the king must cross, at top speed, of course hidden by tinted windows. We’ve just learned from a journalist colleague that Wales is always on the side, especially over central London. Can’t tell Olivia, we don’t feel like breaking her up, so we stay. There, wonder.

Not a van, not a tractor, not a utility, but actually a Bentley, the real one. Surrounded by an armada of police on motorcycles and all flashing lights, there is no doubt that a crowned head will finally make its way down the aisle of The Mall. But who? Who went to speed hidden by tinted windows? “It seems that this is it Princess Anne “Olivia is coming right out of us. Finally, rumor has it.

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