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Call PSG - Lionel Messi returns to the gates of the United States

Call PSG – Lionel Messi returns to the gates of the United States

Under contract with PSG until 2023, Lionel Messi remains uncertain about his future. Some are already sending him to the US, to MLS, to develop football there a little more. But, for the Charlotte FC coach, Messi is not needed to grow the MLS.

Perhaps the greatest player in history, Lionel Messi is by far one of the most publicized in the world. Argentina League 1, which came to PSG last summer, brought back light on French football and of course PSG. Following his signing, the French Championship was followed in Spain, Argentina, Asia or even the Americas. The performances and the image of Messi guarantee media coverage and the opacity of the match. Football (football there) is growing well in the United States, and we think so too. There is also a lot of talk about recruiting Lionel Messi in the future.

Does MLS need Messi? Unnecessary

In fact, Pulga will pull out of the deal with PSG in June 2023. At 36, we can only imagine that his career in Europe will be behind him and he will be offered the last big deal at MLS. David Beckham has been mentioned in Inter Miami to welcome him. Messi will focus on the North American Football Championship and help it grow. However, Miguel Angel Ramirez thinks differently. According to the Spanish technician who owns Charlotte FC’s MLS, football in the United States has already made great strides without Lionel Messi.

As an impact on the community, Messi does not need to reach MLS “, He said on the stick. The words he explained then.” The media is cutting what I say to get clicks, and now I’m an idiot who does not like Messi in MLS. I want Messi to come, and if he wants to come to Charlotte FC, I’ll sign him right away. Messi does not need to come here to see change in this country. Many young people who do not choose American football or basketball, choose football. The reason for that is not Messi “, Without being charged against Messi, this exit proves the vitality of a championship, not to mention the ever-growing and old-fashioned welcome. Lorenzo Insine, 30, travels from Naples to Toronto this summer.

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