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Anti-vax Robert Kennedy Jr. declared candidacy without label

Anti-vax Robert Kennedy Jr. declared candidacy without label

He presents himself as “without all party allegiance”. Monday, Robert Kennedy Jr officially declared himself November 2024 presidential election As an independent candidate. At 69, JFK’s controversial son-in-law is often talked about By his conspiracy on covid and vaccinesSo is giving up the Democratic nomination — which he is unlikely to win — and weighing in on a potential showdown between Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

“I will serve only my conscience, my Creator and you,” the former Democratic Justice Secretary and son of presidential candidate Robert F. Kennedy told his supporters. He attacked Joe Biden, who is “too old by 75% of Americans” and Donald Trump, who “faces multiple civil and criminal actions.”

With this candidacy as a third-party candidate, RFK Jr. will have to fight to get his name on the ballot. In some states, it is necessary to first collect thousands, even tens of thousands, of voter signatures.

Biden and Trump on the defensive

A study Produced by Reuters 14% puts him at the top of voting intentions, compared to 38% for Biden and 40% for Donald Trump last week. However, it is common for independent candidates to start very high and then end up below 3%. The major exception was billionaire Ross Perot, who received 8% of the vote in 1996 during Bill Clinton’s victory over Bob Dole.

Both Joe Biden and Donald Trump may have reason to worry. RFK Jr. may appeal to Democrats disillusioned with Biden, particularly his past as a lawyer specializing in environmental issues. But with his anti-vaxx campaign and a populist candidacy on the economy and foreign policy, he could undercut Donald Trump’s voters, especially among white workers.

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If they are rarely talked about, “minor” candidates can influence the vote, especially in “swing states” decided by fewer than 50,000 votes. Some Democratic pundits blamed Hillary Clinton’s victories in Michigan, Wisconsin, and Pennsylvania for costing Green Jill Stein and thus the US presidential election.

After his candidacy announcement, his four brothers and sisters tackled the Kennedys’ black sheep: “Our brother Bobby’s decision to run against Joe Biden is dangerous for the country. Bobby may have the same name as our father, but he doesn’t share the same values. »