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Apple will sell parts to repair its phone yourself

Apple will sell parts to repair its phone yourself

This service will only be offered for iPhone 12 and 13 first, and then for computers with M1 chips, according to the California giant said in a blog post.

More than 200 pieces and tools will be offered to perform many of the most common iPhone repairs. However, the company at Apple specifies that this service is for individuals who have Knowledge and experience of repairing electronic devices.

Remember that Apple didn’t start selling its official parts to certified independent repair companies until 2019. Prices will be the same for businesses and individuals.

This announcement was considered a victory for the movement The right to repair, which calls for the return and repair of electronic devices, rather than their replacement.

One of our biggest opponents has somewhat admitted that people should have the right to have their electronic devices repaired.Nathan Proctor of the American Public Interest Research Group, a consumer advocacy organization in the United States, told CBC News.

Apple often leads the way, so if the company starts moving, that’s an important indication of the strength of the Right to Repair movement.

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