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Another strike in the health sector

Another strike in the health sector

About 60,000 employees of the Alliance of Professional and Technical Employees in Health and Social Services demonstrated for the third time, on Monday, across Quebec to show their dissatisfaction with the negotiations that are progressing too slowly to satisfy them.

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In Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean, 3,000 employees took time off work on Monday. They demand better wages and better working conditions. The main challenge for the area is to attract and keep employees in the area.

Each job title has different proportions. “We have professional technicians exercising up to 50% of their work time on strike,” explained National Alliance representative in Saguené-Lac-Saint-Jean, Nancy Boleyn.

Another day of the strike is scheduled for Tuesday. It would be 4th out of 10 possible.

For their part, CSN-affiliated employees were on strike until Tuesday evening, but as negotiations intensified, the union decided that it was no longer necessary to cut activities. The decision was made overnight from Sunday to Monday at 3 a.m., and while all details of what was presented are unknown, the news is positive for employees.

“It is always fun to see that our actions have paid off and we endure until the last minute to achieve our goals,” said the president of the Federation of Office, Technicians and Professionals. Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean-CSN Department of Health and Social Services, Sandra Quirion. So the members will be consulting in the coming weeks.