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Changes to Eastern REM are expected this fall

Changes to Eastern REM are expected this fall

Without specifying a date, CDPQ Infra stresses that concerns raised during public consultations held in recent weeks will be taken into account when presenting this “enhanced” project.

At the heart of citizens’ concerns: the integration of an airframe can wreak havoc on the landscape and bring its share of disturbances, such as noise, as well as vibrations from passing trains every two to four minutes in rush hour.

These concerns, “we must go and explore,” says Virginie Cousino, director of public affairs at the Réseau Express métropolitain (REM). CDPQ Infra will operate throughout the summer to reassure citizens who fear the road will create a “neighbourhood scar,” says a spokesperson for REM de l’Est.

The goal, she says, is that the project conforms to the “neighborhood life model.”

The aerial structure is not an end in itself, it is a method we have found to serve the population, but we understand very well the concerns behind it.

Quote from:Virginie Cousino, REM Director of Public Affairs

Without considering abandoning the superstructure, CDPQ Infra intends to propose solutions aimed at alleviating the negative aspects that citizens expect, Ms Cousineau identifies.

In response to rising calls for a hybrid network, which will include an underground part, CDPQ Infra revealed a study last May showing Advantages of high structure Town centre.

In its current form, REM should overlook the road on Rue René-Lévesque, on the north side of Rue Notre-Dame East, and along Sherbrooke Street, east of Interstate 25. A number of citizens prefer the road to be more underground, such as the REM branch which provides a link between downtown and North Montreal.

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No effect on Morgan Park

During the virtual consultations, which took place from May 27 to June 16, the question of preserving the Morgan Park, located on the REM de l’Est along the rue Notre-Dame, was discussed. schedule of work.

Citizens worry that the integration of such a massive structure will destroy one of the area’s rare green spaces.

In this regard, CDPQ Infra is committed to ensuring that REM does not cause “any impact on Morgan Park,” Virginie Cousino notes. We will revise the road alignment to install it as closely as possible on Notre Dameas you say.

But to do so, it will be necessary to rethink the configuration of the road network on Rue Notre Dame, a job that requires the cooperation of City and Mercier – Hochelaga-Maisonneuve borough.

Patricia Clermont, spokeswoman for the Regroupement desians de la rue Notre-Dame, in Morgan Park.

Photo: Radio Canada/Diana Gonzalez

Although the CDPQ Infra says to listen, a spokesperson for the Regroupement des Users de la rue Notre-Dame is not convinced. She said it was almost empty talk unfortunately. We ask to see or explain.

According to the echoes received by Ms. Claremont, participants in the consultations did not feel heard.

It may not be the tall structure Not an end in itselfRepeating Madame Cousino’s words, she said, But this is the only option!

The regrouping considers that other alternative solutions that make it possible to preserve the garden’s plants while sparing citizens a new layer of noise pollution should be considered. Notre Dame Street in our backyard. We hear constant background noise: cars, trucks, port too… We don’t need to add another background noise with the overhead train, she begs.

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From Sherbrooke Street to Solini Street

The fact that much of the REM de l’Est was built on Sherbrooke Street is not so unanimous among citizens that CDPQ Infra is analyzing the possibility of moving this hub onto Souligny Street.

According to the initial route, the eastern branch should in fact run along Sherbrooke Street to Pointe-aux-Trembles.

Less populous than Sherbrooke Street, Solini Pass, where there is already a rail line, “is probably the best advice,” admits Ms Cousino. This is a comment we received from the town.

In order for REM to serve Mercier-Est residents, adding an additional terminal, at township request, is also an option CDPQ Infra is considering.

Regarding whether part of the Souligny Axis could be underground, a spokesperson for REM East cautioned: Different types of listings under analysis, is summarized.

New site for Contrecourt station

CDPQ Infra will also have to find another site to accommodate the future Contrecoeur terminal.

During the consultations, citizens lamented that the passage of REM from the east would harm the construction of a new grocery store that is “long overdue,” explains Ms Cousineau.

With the help of the city and county, CDPQ Infra is working to find an “alternative site” in the area, which will be offered to citizens this fall.

Rapid eye movement road map.view larger image (A new window)

The future network should extend more than 32 kilometres, extending east to Pointe-aux-Trembles. Eastern REM will have 23 stations.

Photo: Courtesy: CDPQ Infra

Further consultations are scheduled in the coming weeks, particularly with the elderly and citizens who do not have easy access to the Internet.

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Meanwhile, the panel of experts comprising architects, engineers and city planning professionals is this week in its third meeting since then. Established in early May. Their proposals, also expected in the fall, will be the subject of a new round of public consultations.

CDPQ Infra intends to complete the Environmental Impact Study by the end of the year, in time for the start of BAPE hearings, which will be launched in early 2022. Once the project comes under BAPE’s magnifying glass – a move that could lead to further project modifications – Work should start in 2023.

Commissioning is scheduled for 2029.

The bill for REM Eastern, which should have 32 kilometers of grid on two antennas, is currently $10 billion. Costs that can however Along the way.

In collaboration with Diana Gonzalez