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Anne Hidalgo announced that “Espace Cardin” would become a “place of discussion” and “artistic creation.”

Anne Hidalgo announced that “Espace Cardin” would become a “place of discussion” and “artistic creation.”

The complex will be renamed “Theatre Concorde” and will be a venue dedicated to discussions on democracy. The mayor of Paris plans to open it in the fall of 2024.

Espace Cardin, a theater located in the Champs-Élysées Gardens that recently became free, will become a theatre “place of discussion” And based on “Artistic creativity” around “democracy”Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo made the announcement on Wednesday.

It has been renamed “Concorde Theater”It will become a complex that includes a theatre, cinema and several exhibition halls “A bulwark against obscurantism” And “A great popular university”She affirmed during her elected socialist promises, “worries” Before “The rise of populism”.

A phenomenon that was fueled by it “Due to the irrational and destructive madness of social media, political debate has become impossible.”said Ms. Hidalgo, who announced at the end of November that she had deleted her social media account “World Wide Sewers” And one “A tool to destabilize democracy”.

the “Concorde Theater”whose steering committee will be chaired by historian Patrick Boucheron, will become a venue “Entirely dedicated to democracy”Did she say?

The reopening is scheduled for the end of September and beginning of October

The former Café Ambassadors has been an arts venue since the 19th century, and was a highlight of Parisian artistic and social life in the 1970s and 1980s, when it was renamed Pierre Cardin space It is named after the fashion designer and sponsor who died in 2020 and who acquired the franchise. But in 2016, the Town Hall, owner of the walls, reclaimed it to make it the base of the city's theatre, which is closed for business. These ultimately lasted seven years, far exceeding the duration – three years – and the initial envelope. But since the fall and the reopening of the city theater, the “Espace Cardin” theater no longer hosts any shows. The site will reopen gradually from February until opening “Late September, early October”The delegation accompanying the mayor told AFP.

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The program provides “Live performances linked to themes” For the political and media space, between theater and resident musicians, “Dance or rhetoric workshops”Distilled from the same source.

Anne Hidalgo has already transformed three former provincial town halls into places of thematic exchange for associations, schools and the general public: Environment (4th), Solidarity (2nd) and Youth (1st).