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A practical guide to cooking

A practical guide to cooking

In today's fast-paced world, where time is often limited, the Instant Pot is emerging as the undisputed cooking appliance for people in a hurry! Its main strength lies in the fact that it lends itself to creating mouth-watering cuisine in record time. If you like the idea of ​​a pressure cooker, you may want to keep this some basic information in mind.

What is a pressure cooker?

The innovative kitchen appliance is designed to speed up the cooking process by harnessing pressure. Its structure includes an airtight container, another removable container and a lockable lid. It is also equipped with a safety valve that regulates internal pressure, reminiscent of Presto operation.

How does the device work?

A pressure cooker uses pressure to speed up the cooking process of food. The airtight container and lockable lid ensure complete sealing: trapping the steam generated inside. This technology ensures that the food is cooked faster.

What are the features of the device?

Its advantages are multiple and interesting. By harnessing pressure, it cooks food faster and more efficiently, perfect for those looking for delicious meals in much less time. In addition to being an energy-efficient option compared to a traditional stove, pressure cooking has the advantage of retaining nutrients and flavours.

Is it safe to use?

This highly safe pressure cooker is equipped with a steam regulating mechanism. This system releases any excess pressure, ensuring safe use. However, it is necessary to carefully follow the manufacturer's instructions at every step, from the beginning to the end of using the pressure cooker.

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What are its uses?

They vary depending on the model. Among the most commonly used functions are pressure cooking, preparing soups and stocks, making cakes, cooking eggs, slow cooking, sautéing, making yogurt, cooking grains, rice, legumes and many more. The pressure cooker proves to be the equivalent of a Swiss Army Knife in cooking, and is suitable for a variety of preparations, each one as delicious as the next!

How long does it take to cook in a pressure cooker?

In fact, it all depends on the model and foods. See the booklet included with the product. Otherwise, searching on the supplier's website will give you valuable information on different cooking times.

Are there any rules that must be followed?

Yes, there are some basic rules for optimal use of your pressure cooker:

– Liquid: To ensure the presence of steam and ensure efficient cooking, always use at least 1 cup of liquid (water, stock, etc.).

– Reaching pressure: To speed up the process of reaching pressure in the pressure cooker, liquids can be heated in the microwave before incorporating them into the appliance. This tip ensures a faster build-up of pressure, thus reducing the overall time needed to start cooking.

– Observe the maximum quantity in the pressure cooker: You must be careful not to exceed the maximum mark in the pressure cooker ever. By observing this limit, you will avoid any risk of liquid overflow, thus reducing the risk of burns and damage to the device. Keeping the liquid level below the maximum mark also ensures sufficient steam circulation inside. This ensures that internal pressure remains stable and controlled.

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– Cooling the device: After cooking, the pressure cooker enters a natural cooling process that may last about twenty minutes. However, if you wish to speed up the process, activate the steam release valve (carefully following the manufacturer's instructions); This will ensure a faster drop in pressure.

Whether you want to release the pressure or open the lid, always use oven mitts to avoid any risk of burns due to residual steam.

Ms. Roy, I hope I have answered your questions. I wish you and other readers of my column great culinary discoveries using your pressure cooker!