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An improved version of Chasm: The Rift, an old and great old FPS version, available

We were talking about it in Augustthe old Ukrainian FPS version released in 1997, The chasm: the riftHe was going back to Steam in October in a  benefactor. Well, that’s fine, mewas available For 17.99 euros. So, be careful, it’s not that big remake With Night Dive Studios Sauce. Aside from some HD textures and support for modern resolutions, it stops there. If you really hardcoreYou will also receive the version that runs on DOSBox with purchase.

When you feel lonely fading away, turn around in time to shoot and kill the boom charging in your direction. You get frightened in the air and shivering, realizing it’s yours… What is this thing? You shoot again and again in a continuous fight against many exotic monsters. Mutations of creatures that you knew before. The inexplicable suddenly becomes clear: time channels have formed in the Earth’s atmosphere and transformed normal life forms into crazy things. You are part of a special commando who must not only eliminate monsters, but also destroy time channels to rid the earth of these mutations.

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