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An accountant becomes a security guard for Taylor Swift’s concert

An accountant becomes a security guard for Taylor Swift’s concert

Taylor Swift has millions of fans around the world, but perhaps her biggest fan is a Tennessee accountant who was hired as a security guard so he could attend his favorite singer’s show.

Like many people, Davis-Perego failed to get tickets to Taylor Swift’s show, including the tour IRAS Tour Was in Nashville at the beginning of May.

Not discouraged, the accountant by profession managed to get a job as a security guard at Nissan Stadium in Nashville, a month before Taylor Swift’s show.

His plan worked, as he found himself in front of the stage when his idol came to interpret his greatest hits.

Unfortunately, Davis Perrigo wasn’t allowed to use his phone to immortalize the event, because he was working, but he still enjoyed his evening… maybe even a bit too much!

Indeed, the accountant-turned-security guard was photographed by several onlookers while enthusiastically singing Taylor Swift songs during the show.

Mr Perego even admitted to being scolded by the singer’s security team who told him to “quiet a bit”.

In addition to making his dream come true, Taylor Swift’s fan following has gone viral on social media. More than 6 million people on TikTok have watched a video of the security guard singing in front of a stage.

“In the end, it was a blessing that I didn’t get tickets,” Davis-Perego said.

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