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Alumni Actors and Singers: Get inspired by the academic careers of your favorite stars

Alumni Actors and Singers: Get inspired by the academic careers of your favorite stars

Meet the stars from here and elsewhere who were also anticipating September, when they had to go back to school to study in fields that are as surprising as they are fascinating.

Port NatalieMan, Harvard graduate

Five years after his role in… Professional, When Natalie Portman was 12 years old, she began studying psychology at Harvard University. She completed her studies in 2003 with a bachelor’s degree.

In an interview with independent In 2006, the actress admitted that her degree and connections in the world of psychology particularly help her when it comes to playing a character with mental health issues.

Jean-François Mercier, mathematical genius

Before making a living from humor, Jean-François Mercier tried his luck in the field of actuarial science. He earned a bachelor’s degree in this field, and quickly realized that he was not happy there, and in addition, he found himself facing poor job prospects.

“I dropped out of university, had no job and was broke,” he told 2015. Great interviews From Radio Canada. “I sold my car, and with the money I went to school [nationale] Of humor.”

John Legend and Literature

John Legend’s talents as a singer and pianist opened the doors to the University of Pennsylvania, one of the eight universities that make up the famous US Ivy League.

During his time at the school, John Legend managed to earn a bachelor’s degree in English with a major in African American Literature, all with nothing less than an honorable mention.

Frederic de Grandpre, philosopher

Actor and comedian Frédéric de Grandpré has excelled for several years now, both on the small screen and in theaters across the province. At the age of forty-nine, he decided to exploit his intellectual side and thus enroll in a philosophy degree at the University of Laval.

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Once you have that certificate in your pocket, the one you can see in the musical Bodyguard Enrolled in the baccalaureate degree he is currently completing.

In addition to his roles in entertainment, Frédéric de Grandpré also gives lectures in philosophy to children and adolescents, aiming to “develop critical, creative and attentive thinking.”

Cole and Dylan Sprouse, graduating twins

In 2011, Cole and Dylan Sprouse, who are best known for their biggest roles In the palace of Zack and Cody’s life, She decided to take a break from stardom to study archeology and video game design at New York University.

They both graduated in 2015. Cole then rose to prominence in the popular series riverdale, While playing the role of Jughead Jones.

Boukar Diouf enjoys teaching theater

When he set foot in Quebec in 1991, Boucard Diouf had his sights set on earning a doctorate in oceanography at the University of Quebec at Rimouski. It was after he graduated and after teaching for eight years in the biology department at his alma mater, he decided to make the leap into the entertainment field.

“It is a sense of the biology in the home that I discover my passion for the screen and an irrepressible one that uses the humour as it is used by the patient.” Website.

Edward Norton, learn history before writing it

Edward Norton graduated in 1991 with a bachelor’s degree in history from the famous Yale University, and decided to devote himself to his acting career in 1994.

Before he got his first major role in a movie Primal fear (1996), the prolific actor worked as a consultant in Osaka, Japan, for his grandfather’s company, which was dedicated to creating affordable living environments for low-income families.

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Florence K., artist and PhD student

Apparently everything Florence K. touches turns to gold. In addition to her acclaimed music career, the singer-songwriter is now completing her doctorate in psychology at the University of Quebec in Montreal.

Florence K., who suffers from mental health problems, published the book in 2015 Buena Vidawhere she opens up without compromise regarding the lowest period of her life.

Catherine Levac, French Literature in Ontario

Before Quebec fell under its careless spell, French-Ontarian comedian Catherine Levack deepened her knowledge at the University of Ottawa, where she earned a BA in French Arts and Theater.

“Me, creative courses in baccalaureate in literature, I took them all and wanted more! “I wanted to write a lot,” she stated in an interview with the University of Ottawa, adding that this interest was of great help to her in writing her performances.

Millie Bobby Brown wants to help her generation

Actress Millie Bobby Brown, who is only 19 years old, is best known for her role as Eleven in the series Weird things, He decided to continue his education at Purdue University in Indiana. In 2022, a course began Human servicesWhich here is similar to the social work course.

“I consider myself lucky to have such an education and I want to ensure that people of my generation can access it too, even if they are not in accessible environments,” she explained. daily Mail, Last March.