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The cowboy drove all summer in Sherbrooke’s RV

The cowboy drove all summer in Sherbrooke’s RV

The Cowboys Fringants did not perform in Sherbrooke during the Fête du Lac des Nations, but in a Sherbrooke Élégance VR RV the group covered the kilometers during their summer tour. Group members thanked the company on their social networks.

It’s rare that we do this kind of publication, but today we want to pay tribute to Jean-Louis Roy, owner of Élégance VR, located in Sherbrooke. Jean Louis provided us with an RV for our summer of festivals to allow the group and especially Carl to travel in comfortable and comfortable conditions.we can read in a Facebook post on the group page.

The Cowboys Fringants were looking for a car to travel around Quebec during their tour, however Virtual Reality The group was also allowed to travel with their families.

Our goal was never to make this a propaganda stunt, but more to help.

The company’s general manager, Jean-Louis Roy, explains that the group has reached out to recreational vehicle companies to obtain a loan of a vehicle and that Élégance VR has raised its hand.

The group, which ended its summer at the Sant Tete Western Festival, presented tickets to the general manager as a token of thanks.

“We met them in person in the dressing room after the show,” says Mr. Roy. They really enjoyed it, and it particularly relaxed their usual tour […] This allowed them to make their journey easier.

The Cowboys will continue their tour until the end of October in several cities in Quebec, including Sherbrooke, on October 20 at the Granada Theater. This evening is already sold out.

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With information from Marie-France Martel