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Un bandeau annonçant le balado de Radio-Canada Sports : Tellement hockey

It is decided that the NHL will participate in the Olympics in a few days

The league referred to this briefly in its press release. Which announced the removal of several gamesSunday evening.

Due to the disruption of the NHL schedule, as Approximately 15% of players Currently on COVID-19 protocol, nearly 40 games have been or will be postponed by December 23, and the NHL’s participation in the Beijing Olympics remains uncertain.

Discussion guarantee activelyThe league and the National Hockey League Players Association (AJLNH) indicate that their priority is Maintaining the health and safety of NHL players, all or wishing to stay flexible in the words reorganization From the regular NHL calendar.

Recently, many major players, such as Alex Petrangelo, John Tavares and Connor McDavid said they had certain reservations about participating in the Olympics, citing primarily doubts about isolation and possible quarantine (which could last three to five weeks) away from themselves in the event of a positive COVID-19 result.

Luke Tardiff, president of the International Ice Hockey Federation (IHF), confirmed to Radio Canada Sports on Saturday that there would be no No quarantine in China for hockey players. They will be able to use medical ambulances, which are used to get players out of the country in case of a positive result.

It is understood that the number of games postponed in the NHL will affect the league schedule. This is what we fear above all. And when you watch the situation develop, it is not encouraging. However, we continue to act as if the NHL players are participating in the games.Luke Tardiff argued.

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At this point in the preparations for the games, the NHLPA is the main point of contact for the IIHF regarding the participation of NHL players in the Olympic hockey tournament.